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SPEEDsolve Mentoring Session

SPEEDsolve Mentoring Session

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A SPEEDsolve one-hour mentoring session is an opportunity for you to receive personalised guidance, support, and advice from Vanessa. Tailored to the specific needs and goals of you and your business, this session provides a concentrated period of insight and learning aimed at accelerating personal and professional development.

You can expect to have meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and explore strategies to overcome challenges and achieve objectives.

The agenda of the session is typically driven by your priorities and areas of interest. It may involve exploring opportunities for growth, addressing specific challenges or obstacles, or seeking advice on decision-making and problem-solving.

Vanessa is a trusted advisor, offering guidance, encouragement, and support to help you navigate your business journey with confidence and clarity. Through open dialogue and constructive feedback, you will gain valuable insights, expand your perspective, and develops new skills and capabilities.

By the end of the one-hour mentoring session, the mentee can expect to have gained valuable insights, actionable strategies. The session serves as a catalyst for ongoing learning and growth, empowering you to achieve your goals and unlock your businesses' full potential.

SESSIONS can be in person in Brisbane or via Zoom to fit in with your schedule


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